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The SheCAN! Network - finding courage and comfort

Courage & Comfort

Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind!

By Peggy Sullivan

In a Harvard Research Study for women 40+, it was found that a startling 72% of women say they lack the confidence to go after what they want. In addition, the number one thing they said they regret about their life was this:

“I didn’t take more risks.”

Risk. Adventure. Challenge. They are hard. They make us feel uncomfortable. Especially with the possibility of failure! Because of this, we tend to hide away in our comfort zone when life gets tough. Why is that? It's because your comfort zone represents familiarity. Places & jobs you know, friends and family you are at ease with & things you enjoy. Courage will often cause you to stretch outside of your comfort zone, which is a necessary step to achieving success and happiness


Pledge Allegiance to Your Inner-Child

Think back and honor the kid who didn’t need anyone's approval & wasn’t afraid to try something new.

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

An overwhelmed mind doesn’t want to take action. Break things down into baby, doable steps.

Repeat History

Remember, you have already taken risks and you are still standing. Think of previous risks you’ve taken and take note of how you overcame each situation.

Strike a (Power) Pose

Studies show that if you stand in a position of courage, you create hormone changes that are required for courageous acts.

Remember, as Oprah Winfrey says: “You can choose courage or comfort. You can’t have them both.” Chances are you will never reach your potential by hanging out in your comfort zone. The risk of riskless living is the greatest risk of all. Show some faith in yourself & take a risk.

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Peggy Sullivan is the CEO & Founder of SheCAN!. It is her desire to help women step into their power and become the best versions of themselves through professional and personal development, networking opportunities and one-on-one coaching. Contact Peggy below, or read her message here.

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