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Step Into Your Power as a SheCAN! Champion!

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Support Our Mission to Empower All Women!

Become part of a network of strong women across the nation who have joined our group of SheCAN! Champions - an exclusive Ambassador Program!

Together, you can champion the mission of SheCAN! to empower all women to become the best version of themselves.

What's In It For You...

  • Be recognized as a women's empowerment leader in your community
  • Receive invaluable personal growth training
  • Gain fundraising experience and knowledge from nonprofit professionals
  • Complimentary 3 month SheCAN! membership
  • Mentorship support from an experienced leadership network
  • National media coverage

The program culminates with a Girls Empowerment retreat for qualifying ambassadors

How it Helps SheCAN!...

  • The funds you creatively raise will support our SheCAN! Scholarship Fund, the efforts of our Non-Profit Partners "Upward Design for Life" and our mission to provide educational programming for all SheCAN! Members.
  • Our Scholarship fund helps to provide our empowering programming to women who might not be able to afford a SheCAN! membership.
  • Our partnership with Upward Design for Life helps them to support women with families in transition who have critical housing needs.

With a minimum of $ 1,500 in funds raised, you will qualify for the Girls Empowerment retreat!

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