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Words of Wisdom from the SheCAN! Community

The SheCAN! Network-let's talk stress and anxiety

Let us talk stress and anxiety.

By SheCAN! Buffalo | February 23, 2021

Let’s Talk Stress and Anxiety How to take charge and prevent your anxiety from spiraling out of control. By Peggy Sullivan, President & Founder of SheCAN! We may feel more anxious than usual but here are some simple ways to keep your anxiety in check. A lot of us confuse anxiety with stress. So, what is anxiety…

The SheCAN! Network-restore and replenish reclaiming you

Renewal and Replenishment

By SheCAN! Buffalo | January 28, 2021

Restore & Replenish Instructions for Reclaiming You By Peggy Sullivan, President & Founder of SheCAN! Your mind and body are always on the go, which can leave you exhausted stressed and overwhelmed. Research indicates that stress has a big toll on your health and wellbeing.  It’s important to discover the formula you need to fully relax and get the deep…

The SheCAN! Network- burned out and ready for change

Burned Out – Ready for Change

By SheCAN! Buffalo | January 5, 2021

Burned Out & Ready for Change Looking back at themes that defined 2020  By Peggy Sullivan, President & Founder of SheCAN! Beginnings get me excited. I never tire of the first-time feeling. The delight of untapped possibility.  As we all commiserate about everything, we have lost…it is time to find something new.  No matter who you are or…

The SheCAN! Network- how to build your brand and linkedIn

Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

By SheCAN! | August 21, 2020

Whether you are looking for a new job, building your career, or searching for professional connections, the use of LinkedIn is important for those who want to be visible and respected in their field. LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, allows the user to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, this platform isn’t just a “set-and-forget” experience.

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