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Words of Wisdom from the SheCAN! Community

The SheCAN! Network stop the procrastination

Stop the Procrastination!

By SheCAN! Buffalo | June 2, 2020

Stop the Procrastination! 4 reasons why we put things off and how to overcome them. By Ashley Kay Falletta How many times have you said to yourself (while idly scrolling through social media): “I’ll do it later.” “I’m just going to put this over here for now.” “My husband/partner/kid/parent/assistant will get to that tomorrow.” “A…

The SheCAN! Network community for women - inspiring books for women

6 Inspiring Books for Women

By SheCAN! Buffalo | June 2, 2020

Whether you are fond of your paperback editions, your e-Reader or Audible, we can’t seem to get enough of the value experts, influencers and public figures give to us — especially when it aligns with our position in life.

The SheCAN! Network - everyday hero

How to Become an Everyday Hero

By SheCAN! Buffalo | May 26, 2020

A hero is someone who admired for their courage, achievements, and positive qualities. And while Superman can certainly fly faster than a speeding bullet, there are other types of heroes that shine brighter than the stereotypical ones from the silver screen.

The SheCAN! Network - the art of Accepting Gratitude

The Art of Receiving Gratitude

By SheCAN! Buffalo | May 1, 2020

Most people like hearing praise, but some people prickle when they receive compliments. Others downright hate them! After careful thought, I have realized that people respond to compliments in one of three ways: discount, deflect, or reciprocate. Here are my thoughts in detail:

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