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Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

The SheCAN! Network- how to build your brand and linkedIn

Whether you are looking for a new job, building your career, or searching for professional connections, the use of LinkedIn is important for those who want to be visible and respected in their field. LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, allows the user to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, this platform isn’t just a “set-and-forget” experience.

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Don’t Compete. Collaborate.

The SheCAN! Network- Don't Compete. Collaborate.

In our VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous), it is very tempting to fall victim to “comparisonitis.” The good news is that there is a three-fold cure that will benefit you more than keeping tabs on other people: community, collaboration, and partnerships.

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How to Improve Your Career Strategy

The SheCAN! Network - how to improve your career strategy

As a new decade quickly approaches, room for reinvention and growth should be made. Now is the time to ask yourself some important questions…

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How to Achieve Work and Life Balance

The SheCAN! Network - how to achieve work / life balance

Most working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week and nearly half said they worked more than 65 hours per week.

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Networking Hacks for Women (That Actually Work!)

The SheCAN! Network - networking for women

Although women are typically seen as more “social” than men overall, according to the 2018 Women in the Workplace report, we actually network less than our male counterparts.

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How to Tackle Your Never-Ending To-Do List

The SheCAN! Network tackling your to-do list

An inability to manage time efficiently can leave anyone feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unproductive, but what are the practical techniques that can be used to gain your power back?

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