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Membership Overview

A SheCAN! membership supports the journey of individuals and employees. Here is a membership overview!


When you become a member of SheCAN! you're in store for something amazing!

You'll meet a variety of women - of all ages, all occupations, and all backgrounds. They'll become your friends, your mentors, your tribe.

We have one thing in common - we're each on a journey to grow, learn, and thrive.

You'll learn about yourself, overcome obstacles, become more confident, find a purpose, start a new chapter in your life, step outside your comfort zone, change your mindset, and more.

You'll meet dynamic speakers like, Linda Bucher, Master Certified Life & Business Coach; Joan Graci, Owner of APA Solutions and Chris Reeb, Certified Dietary Nutritionist, experts in their fields, who are committed to supporting you in your journey.

More about our membership overview. A SheCAN! membership is right for you if you're ready to:

  • Put yourself first
  • Make a difference in your life
  • Blossom into your best self
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Have fun!

You are so worth it!

For Your Employees

When you invest in your female employees, you invest in your company's success!

More about our membership overview. Help your female employees become more confident, well-rounded and productive!

It's a proven fact that organizations who invest in their workforce experience the following benefits:

  • Positive reputation in the marketplace, helping  you to attract the best talent
  • Increased loyalty and a more engaged workforce
  • Greater opportunities to promote from within
  • Improved employee retention, reduced turnover and cost to recruit and train new employees
  • Increase in productivity by 12%

The # 1 reason employees leave their job is due to a lack of learning and growth opportunities.

SheCAN! programs focus on positive mindset, health, wellness and professional development. Supporting your employees with SheCAN! memberships will lead to a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

They are worth it!  Your company is worth it!

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