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The SheCAN! Network - how to let go of what's holding you back

If It Doesn’t Spark Joy, Let it Go!

By SheCAN! Buffalo | April 1, 2020

Believe it or not, there are ways you can free up your energy to live a life of peace, joy and happiness!

The SheCAN! Network - finding courage and comfort

Courage & Comfort

By SheCAN! Buffalo | March 16, 2020

Risk. Adventure. Challenge. They are hard. They make us feel uncomfortable. Especially with the possibility of failure! Because of this, we tend to hide away in our comfort zone when life gets tough. Why is that?

The SheCAN! Network steps to manage over-thinking

8 Steps to Manage Over-Thinking – with Ease

By SheCAN! | March 1, 2020

Many people overthink because they are scared of the future, and what could potentially go wrong. Here are 8 easy steps to manage over-thinking for you to use when you find yourself with too much on your mind.

The SheCAN! Network -How to Ease Your Worried Mind

6 Ways to Ease Your Worried Mind

By SheCAN! Buffalo | February 15, 2020

Everyone worries. We worry about our children, our parents, our future, how we’ll pay for college, our health – the list goes on. Worry causes mental, emotional, and even physical pain and adversely impact our actions and interactions.

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