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How to Become an Everyday Hero

The SheCAN! Network - everyday hero

A hero is someone who admired for their courage, achievements, and positive qualities. And while Superman can certainly fly faster than a speeding bullet, there are other types of heroes that shine brighter than the stereotypical ones from the silver screen.

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The Art of Receiving Gratitude

The SheCAN! Network - the art of Accepting Gratitude

Most people like hearing praise, but some people prickle when they receive compliments. Others downright hate them! After careful thought, I have realized that people respond to compliments in one of three ways: discount, deflect, or reciprocate. Here are my thoughts in detail:

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Do You Wish You Were Perfect?

The SheCAN! Network - the downfalls of being a perfectionist

Do you wish you were perfect? Be careful what you wish for! While it sounds like a good goal to reach for, there are downfalls to being a perfectionist.

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How to Show Kindness in a Time of Need

The SheCAN! Network - How to Show Kindness

It’s important to remember that anyone can be struggling: By being unconditionally kind, you could be the catalyst that changes their attitude toward the circumstances in their life.

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Courage & Comfort

The SheCAN! Network - finding courage and comfort

Risk. Adventure. Challenge. They are hard. They make us feel uncomfortable. Especially with the possibility of failure! Because of this, we tend to hide away in our comfort zone when life gets tough. Why is that?

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6 Ways to Ease Your Worried Mind

The SheCAN! Network -How to Ease Your Worried Mind

Everyone worries. We worry about our children, our parents, our future, how we’ll pay for college, our health – the list goes on. Worry causes mental, emotional, and even physical pain and adversely impact our actions and interactions.

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