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10 Assistive Technology Tools to Help People with Disabilities

Some keyboards have higher keys as compared to normal keys to make people find the keys easily.  The raised keys help you avoid keystrokes and typos.

Adaptive Keyboards

AI-powered text-to-speech tools that come with multitudes of flexible customization of tone, speed, and audio conversion into multiple languages.

Text to speech software

One-button computers were created by assistive technology to be installed in the homes of elderly and disabled people so they could contact friends and family by just pushing a single button.

One-button computers

The users can speak to a built-in voice assistant to command it to call people, send texts, update their schedules, make to-do lists, set alarms etc

Voice assistants

Assistive technology is taking the initiative to transform smart canes into more intelligent and more life-changing tools.

AI-powered smart cane

In addition to braille books and keyboards, braille smartwatches are now available to help those who are blind or visually impaired. 

Smartwatches for visually impaired people

Live podcasts, broadcasts, and audio shows are great pieces of entertainment for people with visual impairment.

Live listen

The amalgamation of AI and ML invented smart glasses that have the capability of navigation by just head movements. 

Smart glasses

OCR automatically selects individual letters from scanned documents and transforms them into text.  They can easily customise the text by altering its size, colour, and backdrop.

Open Character Recognition Software

Modern smartphones are complex for people with less exposure to technology.  The tech companies have designed smartphones for the citizens of 65 age.

Smartphones for old citizens