10 Best Home Cardio Workouts

Jumping jacks Jumping jacks are terrific cardio. The best part: they can be done practically any place. Start with feet together and arms at your sides. Jump and lift your arms. Restart and repeat.

High knees They raise your heart rate, engage your core, and strengthen all your leg muscles. . Stand hip-width apart. Quickly lift one leg to your chest, then the other. Like running in place, alternate knees quickly.

Burpees Start with shoulder-width feet. Drop into a squat, leap your feet back into a plank, execute a push-up, jump your feet up to your hands, and jump up with your arms overhead.

Mountain climbers Mountain climbers are a whole-body workout. Start in a plank with straight arms and wrists beneath the shoulders. Quickly raise one knee to your chest, then the other. Alternate knees fast.


Jumprope It's Easy to start, takes up little room, and burns a lot of calories. Jumping rope increases heart rate and coordination, Start with the rope behind your feet and grab each handle. Jump over the rope. Jump as the rope swings.

Dance Dancing follows. Dancing raises your heart rate and is pleasant. Play music and dance however you like. Follow dancing workout videos online. Sounds fun!

Stair stepping Stair stepping is a good cardio workout if you have many stairs at home. Step up and down on the bottom step or run up and down the stairs to lose weight and strengthen your lower body.

Squat jumps Jump squats raise your heart rate and strengthen your upper and lower body. Start with shoulder-width feet. Squat and jump with arms aloft. Repeat landing softly.

Shadowbox Shadowboxing, generally done by boxers, involves throwing punches in the air. It boosts upper body strength, coordination, and heart rate. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and pretend to box an imaginary opponent, punching and evading.

Running Place Finally, you can run in place instead of outside or on a treadmill. It's easy to execute this aerobic workout anyplace. Run in place with high knees and arms. Add high knees or butt kicks for variety.