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10 cheesy pickup lines for Aries

Are you a fire sign? Because you’re igniting a spark in my heart, Aries.

Are you an Aries? Because you have the energy and passion of a warrior.

 I must be under your ruling planet Mars, Aries, because I feel like I’m being drawn to you.

 I bet you're great at taking charge, Aries. Want to take charge of my heart?

Excuse me, do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your fiery eyes, Aries.

Are you a firework, Aries? Because you light up the sky with your fiery personality.

 Are you made of stars, Aries? Because you shine brighter than any constellation.

 I'm like a puzzle, and I need a strong, determined Aries to help me put the pieces together.

Can I have your number? I want to call you every day and say “Good morning, Aries!”

Your confidence and determination are so attractive, Aries. Want to grab a drink and celebrate?