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15 Countries that lack Technology and Internet Access

One of the least developed nations in the world, Kiribati has almost all of its natural resources depleted. Due to its remote location from the rest of the world, the country has trouble accessing the internet.


Almost every habitual behaviour practised by regular people, including consuming alcohol and watching television, has been outlawed in this nation.

North Korea

Despite receiving more than $4 billion in financial aid, the most of it from the USA, Haiti's economy has not yet stabilised in terms of information and communication technologies.


Bhutan is the least developed nation, despite being the nation with the lowest level of corruption in 2016.


Despite having nations like Thailand and Vietnam as neighbours, there is no trade or communication with the rest of the globe. 


Another African nation afflicted by terrorism and corruption is Burkina Faso.  Due to the nation's protracted struggle with water scarcity, technical progress have lagged.

Bukrina Faso

The handling of people with disabilities, cultural inhibitions that prevent people from pursuing education and jobs, and the usage of rudimentary technology are all societal challenges.


Mozambique is an East African country that is often overlooked.  The country's inability to provide appropriate drinking water, sanitation, and education demonstrates that development is not a priority.


In 2012, 18% of electricity generated was either illegally transported, stolen, or not distributed evenly among the population.


Laos is a landlocked Asian country plagued by community strife, illegal natural resource trading and farming, and rising crime rates, making it one of the world's most corrupt countries.