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9 diseases you can curb with yoga

Exercise can help relieve pain, increase muscle strength surrounding joints, and reduce joint stiffness. 


Exercise can typically help control how frequently and how severe asthma attacks occur.


Regular low-impact aerobic exercise raises heart rate without placing the body under stress.  It can increase back strength and improve muscular function.

Back pain

Cancer survivors can benefit from exercise to improve their quality of life.  It can also reduce the risk of dying from breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer.


Exercise can help persons with dementia improve their thinking skills.  People who exercise frequently are less likely to develop dementia and cognitive impairments.


Regular exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of both of these illnesses.

Depression and anxiety

Exercise can also help you lose weight and gain energy.  Exercise can reduce the chance of dying from heart disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.


Exercise has been shown to reduce the chance of dying from heart disease.  It can also reduce the chance of heart disease worsening.

Heart disease

This condition causes bones to thin and weaken.  Some exercises, such as fast walking and lifting weights, help build strong bones and slow bone loss.