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10 Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Heavy drinking harms brain, memory. 1-2 drinks/day = brain aging 2 yrs. Alcoholism causes Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome from thiamine deficiency.

Brain Deterioration

Heavy drinking risks dental issues, bacteria thrive in mouth. Unhealthy habits, bad breath, cancer risk, long-term damage.

Mouth Decay

Alcohol impairs breathing, damages airways. Higher pneumonia risk. Opioids mixed with alcohol risks overdose, organ shutdown, brain damage.

Lung Dysfunction

Alcohol weakens muscles, causing cramps, spasms, and aches in alcoholic myopathy. Balanced diet, therapy, and abstinence can help.

Muscle Atrophy

Alcohol impairs eyesight, causing double vision, decreased vision/color perception. Excessive alcoholism can lead to blindness from optic nerve damage.

Eye Disorders

Alcohol causes rapid/irregular heartbeat, alcoholic cardiomyopathy (weakening heart muscle), leading to heart failure.

Heart Issues

Liver filters 90% of alcohol, destroys molecules. Heavy drinking causes cirrhosis. Symptoms: jaundice, fatigue, swelling, dark urine, discolored stool.

Liver Damage

Alcohol harms stomach and gut, causing gastritis, ulcers, tumors, weight changes, skin issues, malnourishment.

Stomach Irritation

Alcohol damages pancreas, leading to pancreatitis. Chronic alcohol consumption impairs digestion, causing inflammation, pain, vomiting, and jaundice.

Pancreas Inflammation

Alcohol dehydrates, harms kidneys, causing stones, failure, disease. Symptoms: high blood pressure, fatigue, swelling.

Kidney Degeneration