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10 fun facts about love 

One of the fun facts is that various species of animals commit to life-long relationships and live with only one partner throughout their lives. 

Monogamy is not just for humans

Love can make you do things that feel irrational &  you never thought you would do. Research said,  that falling in love can feel like a dose of cocaine. 

Being in love is like being high on drugs

Love can take just 4 minutes; 1st impressions count. Pay attention to body language & presence.

You can fall in love in as less as four minutes

If you don't know yourself then face difficulty in learning about your partner. Learning about yourself will better equip you to grow as individual/partner. 

Butterflies in your stomach are a real feeling

Having different interests and hobbies as individuals can actually help couples be more spontaneous and have a loving, lasting relationship.

Opposites attract is not a myth

Going on an adventure where some risky situations may be involved is likely to make you both fall in love deeper and quicker.

Adventure can make you feel more in love

Cuddling releases oxytocin, aka love hormone. Cuddling with your partner can relieve you of physical pain as well.

Cuddling with the person you love can relieve physical pain

Looking into each other’s eyes can make you feel very close. Even if you do this with a stranger, you will likely feel emotions like love and intimacy.

Intense eye contact can make you fall in love

If you feel attracted to their body, you are likely to be looking for a fling, while if you feel attracted to their face, you want a long-term relationship with them.

Face or body attraction means something

Attraction releases hormones that give us a high, It could be an obsessive since the body craves this high & like to around the person we feel attracted to.

Attraction can be obsessive