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10 Healthy Habits To Teach Your Kids

Teach your children how to clean their teeth and instill in them the value of brushing their teeth twice a day from an early age. 

Brushing twice a day

Teach children the significance of bathing and staying neat and clean at all times.  You may encourage this behaviour by providing appealing washroom tubs, soaps, shampoos and useful toys.

Bathing every day

Teach your children that breakfast is "brain food," and that it helps them stay strong and prevent chronic ailments. 

Eat breakfast

Teach your children to wash their hands after using the lavatory, before eating food and after returning home from outdoor play to avoid infection.

Hand wash

Teach kids that soft drinks are high in sugar and hence unhealthy.  Even if the kids don't understand why sugar is bad for them, you can teach them about other aspects of health.

Drink water, not soda

Children who watch television for more than 2 hours may develop obesity, sleep issues, and attention deficits.

Regular physical activities

Teach them all the stories they feel excited about and make reading a part of your child’s playtime and bedtime routines.

Read everyday

Make it a point to eat lunch or dinner with your child every day.  This promotes greater communication since they like spending time with you and feel more connected to you.

Family time

Playing with good friends teaches your kids valuable social skills such as communication, cooperation and problem solving and also indirectly affects their performance at school.

Spend time with friends

Teach them the importance of staying positive with healthy self-esteem and a positive mindset by telling them that they are lovable and unique.

Stay positive