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10 Healthy Herbal Teas You Should Try

Chamomile may help enhance sleep quality, improve digestive health, stabilize blood sugar levels, and ease symptoms of PMS.

Chamomile tea

Though peppermint tea is most popularly used to support digestive health, it also has antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiviral properties

Peppermint tea

Ginger tea packs a punch of disease-fighting antioxidants. It reduce nausea, period pain & improve blood sugar and lipid levels in people with  diabetes.

Ginger tea

In addition to its bold color & unique flavor, It may help in reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and decrease oxidative stress.

Hibiscus tea

Echinacea tea is a popular remedy that’s said to prevent and treat the common cold. It may helpdful in boost the immune system.

Echinacea tea

Rooibos is an herbal tea that was historically used for medicinal purposes. It may help improve bone health and reduce heart disease risk.

Rooibos tea

Sage tea is well-known for its medicinal properties and potential benefits for brain health. sage improves cognitive function, memory & heart health.

Sage tea

Lemon balm tea has a light, lemony flavor. It may help increase antioxidant levels, improve heart health, and reduce depression and anxiety.

Lemon balm tea

It is high in vitamin C, beneficial plant compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. It reduce inflammation, arthritis pain & support weight management.

Rose hip tea

Passionflower tea is traditionally used to relieve anxiety & improve sleep. Study found that taking it for 2 weeks improved sleep in people with insomnia.

Passionflower tea