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10 Insightful Facts You Didn’t Know about AI

AI pets will be robots that look, feel, and act like actual animals yet eliminate the problems their owners confront. 

AI Pets

According to studies, the majority of people prefer the sound of a female voice to that of a male voice.  Because if you ask Alexa or Siri a question, you will be answered by a pleasant and polite woman's voice.  

Most AI Bots are Female

Kismet, a robot developed in the late 1990s, can recognise emotions from human body language and voice tone.  

AI Recognises Emotions

A robot that repaired itself after losing two of its six legs and noting its performance had diminished.  The robot had no idea what the problem was, but it was fixed by trial and error.  

AI can Repair Itself

 According to The Guardian, customer service occupations (85%) would be the most vulnerable to AI by 2021.

AI can Replace Human Workforce

AI can learn anything quickly, implying that its intelligence is growing.  AI will have the same intelligence as adults by 2029.  

AI will Become Smarter than Humans

David Levy, a student in this field, believes that human-robot marriage will be legalised by 2050.  At the moment, robots are not sufficiently sophisticated for this.  

Develop Romantic Relationship with AI

It has brought controversy as people wonder and question whether or not robots should have rights.

AI has Nationalities and Passports

A robot wrote an article on an earthquake in California on the Los Angeles Times website, gathering data from a seismograph.

AI can Write

The primary purpose of artificial intelligence is for humans or businesses to have a machine that thinks faster and more efficiently.

AI will Recognise people by Voice