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10 keys to learning how to understand women

That's all there is to it: men and women interpret information in different ways. Women are not crazy; rather, we just have a different perspective than you.

Men and women think differently

Since we are all human, we all respond to situations in unique ways.  Even if you are really close to your sibling, you are still unique in your own right.

All women are different

Men can have a bad day at work, go home, and still have a good time with their family that evening.  Women, though, are a little different.

Women don’t compartmentalize

Yes, we probably ought to be more explicit in that regard, but for some reason, we feel that you guys should be expected to find it out on your own.

Watch her actions

Many men choose to disregard this, but it's not because you guys don't care.  If you want to understand women, you guys need to connect with your emotional side.

Ask her how she feels

Women don't mind when guys try to solve problems, but sometimes all we need is someone to listen.

Don’t try to problem-solve right away

Listen to what your girlfriend, wife, boss, or mother is telling you if they are angry with you. 

She speaks the truth when angry

Really, we don't. Okay, so occasionally we use it as a means of agitating you guys, but generally speaking, we don't mean it.

We don’t mean to bring up the past

Men and women are different, thus that is settled.  But you'll need to have patience if you want to truly comprehend women.

Be patient

Recognize that she actually just wants to be recognized beneath it all. She wants you to realize how much you do for her and feel appreciative. 

She just wants to be appreciated