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10 Modern horror movies that will scare you senseless

A family's dark secrets unravel in terrifying ways


"Get Out"

A  black man uncovers sinister secrets in his white girlfriend's family

A grieving mother battles a monster from a children's book

"The Babadook"

A Puritan family is tormented by a witch in the woods

"The Witch"

A young woman is pursued by a relentless supernatural entity.

"It Follows"

A group of friends attend a bizarre Swedish festival with dark intentions


Paranormal investigators face a demonic presence in a haunted house

"The Conjuring"

A family must remain silent to avoid being hunted by sound-sensitive creatures

"A Quiet Place"

A family's vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter their doppelgängers


A woman is stalked by her abusive ex, who has found a way to become invisible.

"The Invisible Man"