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White Frame Corner

10 pet friendly interior tips for your home

Opt for: Durable fabrics that resist pet hair, such as smooth tapestries, leathers, and synthetic fibers. Avoid delicate materials like silk.

Fur-Free Upholstery

Beware of any exposed wood on your furniture. Consider: Metal and chrome furniture over wicker or rattan to avoid pet chewing.

Furniture - Not Toys

Opt for: Easy-to-clean flooring like laminate, stone or ceramic tiles that won't stain or scratch easily and keep your pets cool.

Squeaky Clean Flooring

Designate a pet play area to keep them from running around the whole house. Store toys neatly away.

The Ultimate Playzone

Keep your space as tidy as possible, that allow new kitchen to glisten without unsightly doggy/kitty bowls smudging that perfect vision.

Spotless Kitchens

Select a matching bed design. Use high-quality materials for their comfort and relaxation

A Throne for a King/Queen

Avoid muddy paws on your sofa. Install an entryway door to dry and wash your dog. Keep essentials in a tidy cupboard.

Mud Room Sanctuary

Avoid low tables. Consider space to prevent mishaps with clumsy paws and bushy tails.

Harmony at Home

Pets love windows, avoid thick curtains. Use sheer fabrics for their view. Pull up blinds to prevent accidents.

Savvy Window Treatments

Don't overlook walls - they could become a headache to clean if you don't consider their texture.

Furry Walls