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10 Techies to be launched in I/O meet 2023 

Shopping Try-on

Users can try on garments at home using green screen-like technology on YouTube.  With the help of cosmetic businesses, Google released its AI cosmetics try-on tool.

Pixel Wallpaper Maker

Google might unveil a DALL-E-like image/video project at I/O 2023, however it's not clear if it needs prompts. It's a Google Illustrations in AI format.

Image Generation Studio

After the success of their text-to-image tool, Imagen, Google may launch Image Generator Studio, a product for producing and altering images.

Pixel 8

Upgrade to Google's Pixel 8 and 8 Pro for faster charging, an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and additional color options.

Pixel 7a

With a high refresh rate 90Hz panel, the Pixel 7a could end financial problems.  Wireless charging may be possible, but it seems doubtful for a $500 phone.

Pixel Fold

New Google release in 2023 is anticipated to mirror the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and have a large camera bulge and thick interior bezels.


Users can look at shoes in zoom and rotation settings with Maya, a 3D augmented reality programe, and then purchase them.  Users will be able to test out the lifelike version in their own physical environment using the AR version.

Colab + Android Studio

It is designed for developers and aids in the creation of Android apps by generating, finishing, and fixing code.

PaLM Coder2

It is designed for developers and can generate, finish, and fix code as well as aid in the creation of Android applications.

AI Test Kitchen V3

AI testing is aided by the Test Kitchen tool. A newer version is anticipated for I/O 2023.