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10 Reasons Every Girl Should Have One Male Friend

When you're friends with a man, your tortures end because he's the one who provides you a new perspective on how all the other males think.

He will help you understand men better

No matter how hard you try, when you're largely surrounded by female pals, you're bound to get embroiled in some drama sooner or later because everything is a big deal with women.

There is less drama

It’s in a man’s nature to protect a woman he deeply cares about.  A male best friend will always protect you and support you.

He will protect you

He'll always be there for you, whether you need help around the house or just someone to console you and be your shoulder to weep on.

You can rely on him

He will always be honest with you and will never sweet talk you into doing something merely to protect your feelings.

He will be honest with you

You are always cautious about breaking some of the girly rules and appearing like the ultimate tomboy in front of them.

Hanging out with him, you can let out your inner dude

It is not that your bro won’t give a damn about hurting you-he will just be the one who tells you the truth, no matter how harsh it might be.

He is your biggest critic and keeps you grounded

When you're having trouble falling asleep, you'll know it's time to call your man best friend and have a deep, strange chat.

He is always ready for illogical convos on the phone

Spending time with him will be a mixture of laughing, talking about conspiracy theories and other wonders of the earth, poking and teasing each other.

You don’t have to worry about annoying him

No matter how often you poke and tease each other, you know at the end of the day that you have someone who is always willing to listen to you and be there for you no matter what.

He will listen to you