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10 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Makes Your Life Better

Being in a relationship forces you to consider the feelings of others.  Thinking about one person leads to thinking about the sentiments of others, which benefits everyone!

You act less selfishly

Partner helps with the weight of life, relieving tension and pressure.  Cortisol production is reduced in committed relationships.

Sstress levels are lowered

Feeling lonely can lead to sadness, yet spending time with your beloved can make you happy.  You have someone to chat to and cuddle with in good and bad times.

Depression risk is reduced

Scientific research show that marriage reduces stress, depression, and increases happiness.  Being single is not wrong, but being married is healthy.

You feel happier

Love causes the production of oxytocin, which boosts immunity and promotes faster wound healing.  It's the best medicine ever!

You feel invincible

Partner syncs include similar language, ideal gifts, and same thinking.  It allows you to let off steam and feel better.

You feel like someone gets you

Relationships teach us about our partners and ourselves.  We learn both positive and terrible things that help us grow. 

You learn about yourself

Relationships imply learning about your partner's likes, discovering new art, and meeting friends and relatives.

Your world is expanded

Sharing in a relationship improves you.  It demonstrates affection, adaptability, and teamwork.  This expertise will also help you in your profession. 

You learn to compromise

Having a workout buddy can be the best incentive for a workout and can lead to a better lifestyle.

You can stay healthy together