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10 Relationship Tips To Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Going Smoothly

Plan regular virtual date nights where you dress up and video chat to create a real date atmosphere.

Plan virtual dates

Being accessible to your partner at all times is important. Keep your phone buzzing so they can reach you easily for good or bad news.

Take Calls Often

Sending handwritten letters to loved ones is a thoughtful gesture even though writing letters or postcards is dated.

Write letters

Send a self-curated care package with deluxe items like bath salts, lotions, masks, candles, and snacks to pamper your long-distance partner.

Giving gifts

Video  calls during the work week are challenging, plan them for the weekends instead. Seeing each other, even over video, helps to feel connected.

Constant video calls

Plan occasional movie dates where you both watch your favorite romantic comedies together over OTT platforms.

plan movie nights

Keeping the romance alive is important in a long-distance relationship. Find ways to keep it spicy and build anticipation for your next meeting.

Keep it spicy

Send your long-distance partner their favorite flowers or surprise them with a box of cookies to show you care.

Send flowers and cookies

Food is a great way to connect in a long-distance relationship. Send a list of ingredients, then prepare your favorite meal together over a video call.

cook together

Surprising your partner with a visit is the ultimate surprise. It requires planning, but it's worth it to spoil them once in a while.

Surprise visit