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10 Tips for a Healthy Marriage

Forget the "quality vs. quantity time" discussion—healthy marriages need both.

1. Spend Time with Each Other

Conflict is a part of relationship. Working out problems, starts with understanding the issue and discuss it. There are Many resources to help you

2. Learn to Negotiate Conflict

If a couple fails to respect each other, often slip into negative habits. Treating your partner as you would like to be treated will strengthen your bond.

3. Show Respect for Each Other at All Times

If you don't know yourself then face difficulty in learning about your partner. Learning about yourself will better equip you to grow as individual/partner. 

4. Learn About Yourself First

Marital intimacy can open your relationship to a new level of enjoyment & closeness. Intimacy does not always mean sexuality, it can emotional type also.

5. Explore Intimacy

Couples thrive when they share similar interests. It opens up the opportunity for greater sharing and compromise.

6. Explore Common Interests

Many couples grow closer when they share some form of spiritual connection. This can be done in many different ways.

7. Create a Spiritual Connection

The ability to talk and listen to each other is one key to a healthy marriage. There are many resources, which can help in, how to communicate more effectively.

8. Improve Your Communication Skills

Forgiveness is important, Try to allow some room to make mistake & act quickly & fix problems, helps in encourage forgiveness & strengthen marriage.

 9. Forgive Each Other

Over time, view on partner's qualities may have changed. Create a list of all the things you love about your partner, will help you to fall in love all over again!

10. Look for the Best in Each Other