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10 tips for balancing work and family time

Stress linked to illness & sick leave in high-strain work environments lacking social support. Reduce stress with evidence-based techniques.

Reduce your stress levels

Work-life balance: suggest flexible work arrangements to employer. It boosts satisfaction and makes family commitments manageable.

Discuss workplace flexibility with your employer

Create structure for family time by making a plan & calendar. Identify priorities and make time for what matters.

Create a plan

Incorporate exercise into family time; develop a family exercise routine. Have fun with activities such as biking, dancing, and soccer.

Focus on family-friendly workouts

Prioritize tasks, delegate when possible, and remove non-essential tasks for better work/life balance.

Prioritize and delegate

Seek support by outsourcing tasks. Consider childcare options or hiring help. Look for ways to ease your responsibilities.

Seek out support

Maintain relationships by setting a reminder to call. Quality relationships enhance quality of life.

Schedule in phone calls

Limit technology to set times to enhance present-moment awareness, sleep, productivity and human connections.

Take a technology break

Develop a daily routine for wellbeing, work and family time. Start with simple, positive habits.

Develop a daily routine

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Take care of your mitochondria