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Make sure trans patients understand they are accepted in your office and that you will treat them.

Spread the Word

Include details in all areas of your practise to reassure transgender patients that they are in a secure setting. 

Use Transgender-Positive Cues

Speak to your transgender patients like you would any patient and be mindful of your body language.

Treat Them With Respect

It's acceptable to respectfully inquire if you're not sure how a patient prefers to be addressed.  By doing so, you'll also demonstrate that you don't want to assume anything about them or their identity.

Refer to Them Appropriately

Create a policy outlining how your business will respond to offensive language and behaviour.

Create a Policy for Handling Inappropriate Behavior

It's crucial to concentrate on the type of care the patient needs.  Limit your inquiries and remarks to those that are pertinent to their treatment.

Focus on the Care They're Seeking

If a patient has a unique medical experience, use your best judgment about how to proceed

Don't Use Them as a Training Opportunity

When sharing their gender identity, they should only tell those who need to know in order to offer care and maintain confidentiality.

Keep Their Information Private

The only acceptable time to ask about their genital status is if it relates directly to their care.

Don't Ask Invasive Questions

Continue your knowledge about transgender legal and medical issues, and consider pursuing further formal training about working with transgender patients.

Keep Current With Issues Affecting Transgender People