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10 types of kids based upon their behaviour.

His child is the best because he will listen to whatever you say and do whatever you ask of him.

Most obedient kid

His child is always ready to answer all of your inquiries, as well as the queries of other children.  You should actually tell him not to answer anything and to simply raise your hand if you know the answer. 

I know it all kid

This youngster will chatter incessantly in class, which can be sweet at times but can also be frustrating.  Even after numerous warnings, these children will not stop chatting.

Chatterbox kid

This boy yells at the top of his lungs, and you might need some earplugs in class when he's around.

Loud kid

This kid keeps asking about the lunch or snack break every few minutes. These children's parents need to be reminded to provide them a nutritious breakfast before sending them to school.

Always hungry kid

These are the polar opposite of the "I know it all kid," who is certain that he knows everything and does not require the assistance of a teacher.

The lazy kid

They walk into class with a big smile on their face, give you a hug, and that wonderful smile lasts the entire day. The only issue is when they don't say anything. 

The cute and quiet kid

These kids seem perpetually miserable in class, as though their parents forced them to attend the camp.  They will exhibit no interest in any activity taking place in class.

Not interested kid

Every day, their mothers will join them for some time while they produce full-fledged drama that can disrupt the entire class. 

Mom and me kids

This kid isn't interested in sitting still and will be running about, disrupting the other classrooms.  He is more concerned with what others are doing than with his own work.

Restless kid