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10 ways to make your life more romantic

You may be in the same room for hours but not speak to each other because you are preoccupied with your own task. 

Spend quality time

If you have children, get a babysitter and go on a date.  If he enjoys dancing, you can find a beautiful area to shake a leg.

Arrange for a date

Food is the quickest way to a man's heart. So make a great meal with his favourite dishes.

Be the chef

Write him a lovey-dovey letter, whether by placing love notes around the house, SMS, or email.  Men may appear tough, but they want to know that they are on your mind.

Leave love notes

Tell him that even after all these years as a married pair, you are still madly in love with him.

Express it loud

Dote on him every now and then. Thank him for his efforts.   Praise him for his sense of fashion or perfume; he'll appreciate it.

Shower him with attention

Take a lengthy or short journey depending on how much time you both have available.  You may take him somewhere he's always wanted to go.

Plan a surprise vacation

It may be on the way to or from work, when shopping together, or even on a long drive after dinner.  If you can't go on a vacation, just find methods to spend time together.

Find ways to spend time together

Yes, you should spend time together, but your man would enjoy it even more if you allow him to spend an evening with his mates. 

Let him spend time with his gang

Even if it's something little, try to express your gratitude for his assistance around the house. 

Appreciate things he does