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10 Ways to Provide Mental Stimulation for a Dog

Scent walks let dogs explore with their noses. Take time to let your dog sniff around new spots and enjoy the experience.

Go on Scent Walks

Interactive treat-dispensing toys engage dogs' minds and noses, and provide physical exercise. Some toys bounce, wobble, or roll, ideal for energetic dogs.

Use a Treat-Dispensing Toy

DIY or purchased, a snuffle mat is a fun activity for dogs bred for sniffing, like scent hounds and pointers.

Use a Snuffle Mat

Teach dogs advanced nosework by hiding treats in a room. Increase the difficulty level gradually. It builds confidence and is mentally stimulating.

Hide Treats in a Room

Regular dog park visits can fulfill your dog's social needs and offer opportunities for play, interaction, and exploration with other dogs.

Go to the Dog Park

Make mealtimes exciting for your dog with puzzle toys, slow feeders, and scatter feeding. It stimulates their natural instincts and slows eating.

Make Mealtimes More Stimulating

Teaching dogs new tricks can be fun and rewarding. Start with basic obedience training and move towards advanced tricks to build confidence.

Teach New Tricks

Dog sports offer a fun way to keep your energetic pup engaged, from agility to frisbee and more.

Get Involved in a Dog Sport

Socializing dogs can benefit their mental and physical health. Organize playdates to create a safe environment for your dog to make new friends.

Build Your Dog’s Social Circle

Teach your dog to have a job, like fetching items or volunteer work as a therapy dog. Spend more time with them doing activities.

Give Your Dog a Job