5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Lose Weight as You Age

 Reduce or cut your intake of added sugar.

Reducing or eliminating processed foods from your diet is a great strategy to reduce the amount of added sugar and other chemicals that can lead to inflammation that you consume. But remember that eating well should be pleasurable and convenient as well.

Keep your gut happy and healthy by consuming probiotics.

Healthy guts are happy guts! Probiotics are friendly bacteria that assist balance the intestinal environment for optimal functioning and are added to meals like yogurt, cottage cheese, and kefir,

Keep your gut happy and healthy by consuming probiotics.

or found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, or kimchi, according to McIntyre's next piece of advice. If you have trouble getting enough probiotics in your diet, you might want to think about taking supplements.

Don't forget about prebiotics.

Don't forget to include prebiotics in your diet in addition to getting enough probiotics! According to McIntyre, probiotics depend on prebiotics as a source of nutrition.

Don't forget about prebiotics.

Prebiotics can aid in reducing inflammation, enhancing gut health, managing blood sugar, and enhancing immunological function. Seaweed, asparagus, chicory root, apples, oats, wheat bran, flaxseeds, and Jerusalem artichokes are a few examples of foods that contain prebiotics.

Stay away from alcohol.

Alcohol is a big offender that can increase gut inflammation, upset vital microbiota, and prevent the absorption of critical nutrients. McIntyre advises choosing a sugar-free mocktail over an alcoholic beverage during your next happy hour or night out on the town.

Get sufficient sleep.

On McIntyre's list of practical techniques to lessen inflammation for simpler weight reduction, what comes last but not least?

Get sufficient sleep.

Ensure that you are getting adequate sleep. The ideal amount of sleep each night should be between seven and nine hours.

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