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10 Interesting Facts About the Human Mind

Just like your muscles and other organs, your brain needs to stay hydrated. 90 minutes of nonstop sweating can cause your brain to shrink by an amount equivalent to one year of ageing.

The brain weighs about three pounds and can shrink

When you consider how important oxygen is, you probably think about your lungs and muscles, but the brain also needs a steady flow of oxygen.

It requires a constant supply of oxygen

Information may move into and out of the brain at extraordinary speeds thanks to the billions of neurons that are active there.

Information travels to and fro brain at 250 miles per hour

Although the precise number of brain cells is unknown, scientists do know that there are billions of cells in the brain.

The mind contains billions of brain cells

For many people who attempt to perform numerous jobs at once, productivity is a crucial factor.

The brain cannot do more than one task at a time

Researchers have found that it’s a myth – you use most of the capacity of your brains, even when you’re sleeping.

Most people don’t use 10% of our brain capacity