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6 Unnoticed Things in "The Crown"

The symbolism of the costumes

The outfits worn by the characters often have hidden meanings and reflect their personalities and situations.

The use of music

The show's soundtrack includes a mix of classical and modern music, which is carefully chosen to enhance the emotional impact of each scene.

The show's creators strive for authenticity and have gone to great lengths to accurately depict historical events and details.

The historical accuracy

The show's lighting is carefully crafted to reflect the mood of each scene, with darker lighting used during tense or emotional moments and brighter lighting used during happier scenes.

The use of lighting

The show's sets are meticulously designed to reflect the time period and setting, with everything from the wallpaper to the furniture carefully selected to create an authentic look and feel.

The attention to detail in the set design

 The actors on the show often convey a lot of emotion through their facial expressions, which can be easy to miss if you're not paying close attention.

The subtle facial expressions