7 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs


Pisces is sensitive. Kindness and charity fill them. They never injure others because they prioritize others' comfort. As an emotive water sign, Pisces may be unpredictable and hard to tell whether they have an issue with you.


The bull symbolizes this zodiac sign. Tauruses are moody, obsessive, and aggressive. Tauruses rarely take advice. Taurus rage is usually justifiable. They're selective.


Now what? A furious Taurus is difficult to handle. Wait till the storm passes. Fortunately, he knows when he crosses the line and knows how to fix it.


An angry Aries should be avoided. Aries are time bombs and may quickly turn violent. Thus, they can become aggressive and furious adults if not raised properly. Aries reacts to stress by letting go. Aries is a hard-to-control sign.



Geminis are the angriest. You're often worried and indecisive. You analyze advantages and downsides and ask many questions before making decisions. Focus on fighting the ideas that make you uneasy and unsafe. 


Leos are dominating and overdramatic. Leos are stubborn and righteous when angered. They also insult when enraged. They sometimes overreact in anger. They won't apologize if they're incorrect. Nervous Leos are hazardous.


Scorpios will manipulate anybody! Like zodiac signs, scorpions are little but deadly. They are enigmatic and deceptive. Scorpios seldom display emotion, making them deadly when enraged.


Aquarians hold their unhappiness until it overflows, then explode. Aquarians will ignore everything for days. Calling to apologize will result in a hangup. 

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