7 most playful cat breed

Known as the “clown of the cat kingdom” and nicknamed “aby-silly-an,” this breed is the life of the party and loves to show off its unique ticked coat. 

Japanese Bobtails are friendly and energetic and you’ll definitely feel lucky to own one. They enjoy running, jumping and playing fetch and can often be found with a toy in their mouth. 

One of the most recognizable cat breeds with its creamy coat and brown color on its face, tail and legs, this outgoing cat needs lots of human interaction  

This cat breed’s wild appearance matches its energetic personality. Bengals are known for their distinctive rosette patterned coats as they were bred as a mix between a domestic cat  


Nicknamed the “gentle giant,” the Maine Coon is one of the heaviest cat breeds and can weigh over 20lb, but this won't stop it from following you around the house.  

Sometimes referred to as “the pixie of the cat world,” the Devon Rex looks just like a one with its large eyes, high cheekbones and huge ears, and it’s just as much of a troublemaker 

The Munchkin cat gets its name from its small body – it doesn’t grow much taller than 8 inches. Known as the Dachshund of cats, it has very short legs and a long 

Believed to have originated from the Isle of Man, the Manx is the only cat that may have no tail, but this doesn’t stop them from jumping up and racing around the house 

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