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7 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

Theory behind it is straightforward. Dogs will repeat good behavior when it’s followed by a reward. Bad behavior does not get a reward or acknowledgment.

Unconditional Love

Operant conditioning, positive reinforcement & punishment. Relies on research & understanding dog psychology. Best for professional trainers.

Scientific Training

Clicker training uses sharp noise for positive reinforcement, good for learning new behaviors, not for stopping unwanted behavior.

Clicker Training

It relies on the use of an electric collar that delivers a shock/spray of citronella when a dog is not performing a desired task. It's used for training at a distance.

Electronic Training

Dogs mimic models or rivals to learn; rewarded for good behavior. Mirror training uses the dog parent as a model, similar to positive reinforcement.

Model-Rival Or Mirror Training

Alpha/dominance training asserts human authority over dogs, relying on pack mentality. Outdated and may cause anxiety in dogs.

Alpha Dog Or Dominance

Relationship-based dog training prioritizes bond & positive reinforcement, gradual difficulty increase & understanding why behavior failed.

Relationship-Based Training