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7 Safety Precautions for Bath Time For Kids

If you want a lock on the door, think about installing a hook-and-eye lock that is high up where children can't mistakenly lock themselves inside. 

Make bathroom a safe zone

To protect yourself from a possible harm, find a faucet cover for your bathtub faucet.  Additionally, put non-slip mats on the floors around the tub to prevent slipping.

Keep things slip-free

Never leave a child in a bathtub while it is still running since the temperature can fluctuate fast, especially in older homes with potentially unstable plumbing and water heating systems.

Keep temperature under control

Everyone agrees that bath toys make bath time more enjoyable, but when your children are playing, make sure their toys aren't a haven for microbes.

Be mold free

Keep an eye on them all the times. Even with low water levels, many small children perish in their own bathtubs each year. 

Keep a watch out

Encourage your kids to sit when taking a bath instead of jumping or engaging in other rough play that could result in sliding, injuries, etc.

Sit, don’t stand

Use a baby shampoo or other product designed for delicate skin that is fragrance- and chemical-free while bathing your small children.

Use sensitive soaps