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7 Tips to Combat Pet Allergies

Wash your pets once or twice a week, or at least your own hands and face regularly after cuddling them. Use dander-reducing shampoo if possible.

Wash up

Make your bedroom an allergen-free oasis by cleaning and washing sheets weekly. Add a HEPA air purifier for extra protection, recommended by AAFA.

Declare the bedroom a pet-free zone.

Assign pet grooming and litter box cleaning to someone without allergies. If not, use a dust mask and do it outside a few times a week.

Brush or comb regularly.

Reduce allergies by making a habit of decluttering, vacuuming with HEPA filter, steam-cleaning carpets, and wiping down surfaces regularly.

Clean and pick up

Improve indoor air quality with Filtrete™ Dual-Action Filter, capturing allergens and holding 2X more dust for a fresher and cleaner home.

Use an allergen-capturing air filter.

Reduce exposure to allergens to ease reaction when adding a pet to the mix, especially if already battling dust, smoke, mold or pollen.

Consider the whole environment.

Discuss with your doctor if OTC antihistamines, prescription allergy meds, or immunotherapy are right for treating your allergies.

Get medical help.