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7 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy

Proactively schedule dental cleanings and exams for your pet with the vet to maintain their oral health

Request dental cleaning and exams from your vet

brush carefully, use pet toothbrushes and toothpaste, start slowly, and avoid brushing after meals.

Brush their teeth when and if possible

Get Teeth-Healthy Toys for Your Pet: Tips for Choosing Safe and Effective Toys for Your Furry Friend

Purchase toys for your pet

Blend fruits and veggies with meat for dental health and nutrition. Get creative and keep teeth clean while getting essential vitamins,

Start to give them eat vegetables and fruit

Using dental chews as rewards can help clean your dog's teeth and reinforce good behavior - opt for low-fat, simple-ingredient varieties.

Give your animal dry and chewable treats

Choosing the right dog food: alternating between soft and hard food, avoiding canned food, and choosing nutritionally-packed options.

Feed them the right type of food on a regular basis

Some bones are good for your pet’s dental health, natural and synthetic bones may help.

Bones for your pet's dental health