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8 Tips for Helping Your Child Resolve Conflict

Connect daily with your child, even if not face-to-face. Leave notes or messages of encouragement.

Learning to Manage Strong Emotions

Teach kids positive conflict resolution: Use words, listen well, and focus on solutions. Patience is key.

Talk & Listen

Encourage kids to brainstorm solutions together, keeping it simple for young ones, and respecting everyone's ideas for older ones.

Problem Solve Together to Find a Solution

Teach kindness, fairness & sharing to kids regularly. Reward positive examples. Encourage sharing through turn-taking & control.

Problem Solve Together to Find a Solution

Teach kids it's okay to walk away & seek help when needed. Encourage open communication.

When Nothing Else Works

Role-play with kids to boost confidence in conflict resolution. Act out potential scenarios.

Role Play Friendship-Related Scenarios

Imaginative play is powerful for kids. It helps process emotions, interactions, and conflicts. Provides sense of control and problem-solving.

Encourage Imaginative Play

Playdates provide opportunities for kids to develop friendships & practice conflict resolution strategies with support.

Host Regular Play Dates