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9 Characteristics Daughters Require When They Take Over the World

Kindness is one of the first things we learn, but it's also one of the most easily forgotten.  Where there is more kindness, there is a better quality of life for every level of society.


The ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person is a life-changing skill.  And one of the greatest ways to grow it is to step outside of your comfort zone.


Generosity is the ability to recognise what you have, discern what others require, and respond in whatever way you can. 


We will not be able to develop the relationships required to ensure that we all have equal value on the earth until we begin to be interested and understand each other.


I want children to know that it's okay to want what they want; that ambition in women is a gift; and that it takes all of our talents to elevate the human race.

Courage of Conviction

That way, when a girl makes a decision, she needs explain it to no one; she simply knows the right thing to do for herself and her well-being.


It is the ability to express oneself openly, honestly, respectfully and, most importantly firmly, so that the listener gets a clear message and change can happen,


Determination is the ability to remain focused on a goal in the face of danger or other difficult circumstances. Helping girls develop their own determination starts with us.


It is critical in the development of compassionate, grounded, loving beings. It provides a foundation for the full, authentic expression of the self

Self Love