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9 helpful websites for cat owners

I look on Reddit for cat behaviour issues, such as not covering excrement or glaring angrily.  I use r/AskVet for serious concerns, such as a cat swallowing something poisonous.


ASPCA: Prevents animal abuse, assists animals in need, supports pet adoption, and gives helpful pet care ideas and resources.


Petkeen provides research-backed advice for cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, and other animals.  DIY toys, food reviews, safety tips, and more are all available.


Best Friends Animal Society: a non-profit organisation that provides a large animal refuge, adoption, spay/neuter, and recommendations for travelling with pets.

Best Friends Animal Society

Chewy makes it easy to overspend on pet products, and their website now includes veterinarian telemedicine services.


PetMD is a fantastic resource for pet health, but avoid constantly checking for symptoms.  Don't assume your pet is always unwell; consult your veterinarian if you are concerned.


Little Big Cat provides health, nutrition, and behaviour guidance to cat owners in order to prevent desertion and stray cats. 

Little Big Cat

VCA Animal Hospitals provides a network of reputable veterinary clinics as well as pet health information on nutrition, behaviour, therapies, breeding, and other topics.

VCA Animal Hospital

Cat-World is a website dedicated to cats that provides cat owners with care subjects, breed information, and product recommendations.