9 Signs You’re Smarter Than Average and Three Signs You’re Not


Uncover signs of above-average intelligence and areas for improvement. Find out if you're smarter than the average person.

Curiosity Unleashed

Do you constantly seek new knowledge and ask questions? Embracing curiosity could indicate higher intelligence.

Fast Learner

Picking up new skills effortlessly? Rapid learning is a telltale sign of above-average intelligence.

Sharp Wit

If your quick wit often leaves others astounded, your cleverness might be a sign of heightened intelligence.

Complex Problem Solver

Tackling intricate problems with ease? Your knack for solving complex issues could indicate superior intelligence.

Exceptional Memory

Remembering details effortlessly? Your exceptional memory might be a sign of your intelligence shining through.

Analytical Thinking

Are you skilled at breaking down situations logically? Analytical thinking is a strong marker of higher intelligence.

Creativity Unleashed

Innovative thinking and unique ideas are often associated with above-average intelligence.


Flexibility in different situations could indicate your ability to process information quickly, a sign of intelligence.

Intellectual Curiosity

An insatiable hunger for learning and exploring new concepts could point towards higher intelligence.

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