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White Frame Corner

9 Tips for a Chic, Pet-Friendly Home

Nan Ruvel transformed breakfast room into mudroom for dogs with porcelain tiles, stain-resistant banquette, and built-in towel shelves.

Set up an animal room near an entry

Crypton is indestructible pet fabric. It resists stains, smells and muddy paws. Ultrasuede and leather are other good options.

Use stain-resistant fabrics

Vacuum pet hair off furniture twice a week to prevent odor and dirt buildup. Consider Dyson DC14 Animal for effective cleaning.

Vacuum regularly

Regular grooming saves your furniture. Brush, bathe, and trim your pet to reduce shedding and scratches.

Bathe and groom your pet often

Protect your bed from accidents by covering it with a thick pad. Use cotton sheets in a medium color or pattern to hide stains.

Put washable fabrics on your bed

Choose low pile carpet or avoid it. It traps hair, absorbs odors, and stains easily. Continuous loop is worse.

Skip wall-to-wall carpet

Bare floors are best for pets. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and resistant to stains. Avoid marble or porous materials, which can stain.

Choose hard surface floors

Offer rubber toys like Kong or Super-Tuff Rhino to dogs, and Everyday Studio's Cat Tree or Tiger Branches shelves to cats.

Give your pet tidy, attractive treats and toys

Choose room colors inspired by pet. Gray concrete for cat, honey sofa for golden retriever. Pets hide hair. "Pets present opportunity for color".

Match colors to your pet's fur