Americans' Worst States to Visit

West Virginia: Creepiness One American called West Virginia the worst state to visit. This user felt horrible about their opinion due to the state's problems, but they couldn't ignore the strange and scary feelings they had in West Virginia. 

Kansas A Kansas citizen bluntly called his state a “drug-ridden ****hole with no hope and few job opportunities that don’t involve working yourself into an early grave.” Few companies and many churches dominate tiny communities, limiting variety and development.

Oklahoma's Vacuity Oklahoma disappoints one American. After a four-hour trip across the state, they only saw decaying dwellings amid vacant fields and four towns. It was boring since there wasn't enough to see or do.


Because Florida Due of its oddities, some Americans consider Florida the worst place to visit. Florida is known for its quirkiness and alligator attacks. 

New Mexico: A resident bluntly calls New Mexico the worst state to visit. Even popular burger places charge hefty charges. The sole draw is the sunsets, thus the user joined the military to leave the state.

Texas Despite its attractions, an informed user feels Texas is the worst destination to visit due to its citizens' bloated egos and unjustified pride. Texan pride bothers this traveler.

California: Worst? California is the worst of the 48 states one well-traveled person has visited. Their judgment was influenced by high living costs, travel congestion, and overcrowding.

New York: Expensive. The growing cost of living makes New York the worst place to visit for one individual. They don't visit since the costs exceed the enjoyment.