An Explanation of the Leo Personality

The time has arrived to roll out the red carpet and welcome Leo. While the lion is the symbol of Leo, 

Leos are exuberant, dramatic, and passionate, so they like the opportunity to make a big deal out of themselves and take on the obligations that come with being king or queen.  

These tigers are born leaders who place a premium on friendships and relationships that are fueled by a shared appreciation for the finer things in life. Fun-loving Leos have no qualms about getting caught up in high-profile, high-drama relationships.  

Perhaps they find them to be rather appealing. After all, at some point in their lives, every single Leo thinks that they are famous. These astrological it-girls seem to never tire of lavish lifestyles, 

which include gourmet meals, private parties, and expensive designer clothes . The sun, a brilliant star responsible for life and energy,  

Leo's planetary ruler. Leos are admired for their reliability, loyalty, and stability, much like the unwavering sun.  

They are devoted friends and lovers who give their all to every relationship they cultivate. (Because Leo is the ruler of the heart, this is only fitting.) L 

Lions are happy for their pals when they achieve success, except when their buddies are in peril. People's egos, pride, and jealousy can get in the way when they fear being overshadowed by another person. 

Celestial lions should always keep in mind that the immense brilliance of other people's achievements has no effect on their own,.

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