Astrology ranks the Zodiac signs from most attractive to least.


Kreena, an astrologer, says that a person with a secret personality and beautiful eyes can be very attractive. Scorpios are powerful and determined. When put in order, which sign of the zodiac is the least attractive? He or she is.


Libras can find a good middle ground. Kind, loving, and driven to succeed. They are cute, but they aren't the most attractive sign of the zodiac.


The best lips belong to Taurus. This feature makes them even more appealing. They might also like them because they are loyal and kind. These things about them could also make it hard for them to find love.


Leos are the bravest of all the signs of the zodiac. Because of their charm and sense of humor, they are the most attractive zodiac sign. They still don't look good.


Astrology says that Virgos are both good-looking and dangerous. They are wise and smart. They are attractive because they are good at solving problems and have young skin.


Geminis are always happy, funny, and young at heart. Their chiseled face makes people look at them. This sign of the zodiac has the best personality.


Sagittarius is the sign of the great traveler. This trait is typical of this sign of the zodiac. Because they are so independent and passionate, they are the most sought-after zodiac sign.


Capricorns like to work hard and are dedicated. They have self-control. They are the most attractive zodiac sign because they are so driven to win.