Best Mid-Sized Dog Breed

Standing about 23-inches tall and weighing in at a comfortable 55 pounds, the Airedale is known as the "king of terriers." 

Airedales were fierce, loyal companions to Yorkshire poachers who hunted game, such as water rats and foxes. 

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was bred to spend long hours in the field as a bird dog and hunter. Standing about 25-inches tall, this breed is known for its power, speed, agility 

The English Bulldog has a violent history through no fault of their own. The breed descended from Roman Mastiffs that were used in the bloody sport of bull-baiting 


the Bulldog has been bred into a gentle but stocky lapdog that is happy to loaf about on the couch. They may look tough, 

The Australian Shepherd has it all — looks, intelligence and agility. However, they instinctively herd pretty much every living thing they come across — even kids 

The short, stocky dog breed with doleful eyes looks like it needs help, but looks can be deceiving. This breed is actually a compact powerhouse, with plenty of strength and stamina.  

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