Ben Affleck Attempts Pop Stardom in Dunkin' Donuts Ad With Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Harlow, and Fat Joe

In his most recent ad campaign for Dunkin' Donuts, Ben Affleck attempts a career shift. The star-studded Super Bowl commercial, which aired Sunday during the game,

stars Affleck, his wife Jennifer Lopez, and buddies Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, and Fat Joe.

In the advertisement, Affleck, Damon, and Brady all wear tracksuits, which will be available for purchase at Dunkin' Donuts on Monday,

as part of their transition into "The DunKings" pop artists, while Lopez, Harlow, and Fat Joe express skepticism.

"What up, punks," Affleck says as he enters what appears to be a music video set. "For your consideration, here comes the Boston massacre, The DunKings!

He then introduces Brady (on the keyboard) and Damon, who stands to the side and tells Affleck, "Sometimes it's really hard to be your friend."

The gang performs a dance routine to the song "Don't Dunk Away at My Heart," which J.Lo and Fat Joe watch in terror.

As Affleck, Damon, and the rest of their crew exit the building following Lopez's instructions, she smiles and tells Brady, "Tom, you can stay."

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